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The Spine Center of Texas is truly unique. It is very rare to have a Spine Surgeon, interventional pain management specialist, chiropractic specialist and anesthesiologist all working together within the same practice in partnership. Unfortunately surgeons are prone to operate and pain doctors to inject and medicate. If your problem does fall within that skill set you are often trapped or have to wait to be seen as a new patient as you are referred back and forth between doctors that often communicate poorly.

At Spine Center of Texas this is not the case. In fact we are the only practice with local providers in the New Braunfels and Seguin market for over 12 years. No need to drive long distances for your care. And consider your options if you have complication during your procedure. Does your doctor have immediate surgical back up? Or will he have to locate a surgeon and transport you to another city as precious time slips away? Not with Spine Center of Texas. You will receive immediate care because we are the only back up in the area. Period.

That being said, surgery is always the last option. We offer so many solutions to our patients that surgery is needed in less than 5% of cases. Our doctors promote wellness through nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes, not endless medications. Almost every single option we offer is both minimally invasive and outpatient. This speeds your recovery and reduces your cost.

When surgery is necessary, it is usually minimally invasive. This means less pain, less blood loss, smaller incisions, a shorter hospital stay and faster return to work. Dr. Sahni is one of only a few surgeons that performs interventional pain management, also allowing him to offer the patient all options, not just surgery.
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  • Beth Pearcey Cooper
    Dr. Sahni and his staff provided an efficient, positive experience for me after injuring my knee. Both Dr. Sahni and his staff have followed up with me after my visit! It is a great feeling to know that they really care!
    Beth Pearcey Cooper
  • Jim Burdick
    Dr. Sahni and his staff are amazing. I could not have had a better Doctor..
    Jim Burdick
  • Anonymous Patient
    Dr. Sahni is special. A throwback to Doctors who care more about the well-being of the patients seen in a day versus the number of patients pushed through the turnstile in a day. He’s young enough to be trained in the latest technology and techniques, yet experienced enough to know best treatments. And yes, you may wait a bit, but do know when you get face-to-face with Irvin, you will be the most invaluable patient in his world to him. What a treat. I can’t recommend him highly enough.
    Anonymous Patient
  • Michelle Howard
    After 15 years of excruciating pain I gave up hope of any relief. That was until I walked into Spine Center of Texas. I never thought I would be sitting here with a whole new beginning ahead of me until I met Dr. Irvin Sahni. 15 years ago I had 2 blown disc in my cervical spine that had to be fixed by a doctor in San Antonio. I continued to see that doctor for 8 years because even after the fusions, I still was in pain. I finally lost hope and my primary doctor took on my care. Several years later, my primary doctor asked me to see Dr. Sahni. I did with hesitation. After 15 years living in such horrible pain daily, undergoing many injections throughout 10 years and realizing my life would never be the same because it hurt to do anything you could imagine. Dr Sahni immediately found the problem. The bottom portion never fused. I could’ve been paralyzed at any given moment! Why the first doctor (Specialist) didn’t notice, I’m shocked! I can’t say enough about how I feel now that Dr. Sahni made my whole world change…they gave me my life back, which I thought was gone in a sense. I used to wake up each morning to a pain pill. Now I wake up to coffee and a smile. The excruciating pain is gone. The way both doctors continues to show true compassion and care for their patients truly warms my heart. They didn’t make me feel like the pain wasn’t there, they looked and found why I was hurting so bad. The entire Staff is so welcoming. I’m so thankful my primary doctor asked me to please give them a chance, especially when I had lost hope. To anyone that goes to Spine Center of Texas, I can honestly tell you that you will get the best care and they will do everything they can to resolve what pain issue you are going through. I will never be able to thank them enough! My husband has seen a person I used to be again. I feel I can enjoy family time again and play with our grandchildren.
    Michelle Howard