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5 Signs of Back Pain That You Should Not Ignore

Back pain isn’t something to ignore. There are circumstances in which you need to consult a spine specialist, like at the Spine Center of Texas, immediately for back pain management.

When your back pain is more than just a mild ache, getting it checked by an experienced and skilled doctor can make all the difference in preventing a serious spine issue. It also helps with back pain relief and back pain management.

Here are the five most common signs of back pain that you shouldn’t ignore.

1. Back Pain With Fever

back pain management

If your back pain flares up with a fever, it may be a sign of spine infection. In such a condition you should immediately consult a spine specialist at the Spine Center of Texas for back pain relief. Our experienced doctor will diagnose your condition and help you with the right spine solution, including, minimally invasive surgery to make you fit again.

2. Back Pain Extends to Legs

back pain extends to leg

Radiating pain from the butt down through the legs, along with numbness or weakness, is another sign of chronic back pain. This can be caused by a bone spur, disc herniation or stenosis. Our specialists are experts in diagnosing the right cause of back pain and provides the best spine treatment in Texas.

3. Back Pain With Neck Pain.

back pain and herniated disc

Our expert staff of doctors first identifies the root cause of your back as well as neck pain by using advanced, cutting-edge diagnostics. Spine Center of Texas high-performance doctors offer the best possible treatment to you according to your age and cause of back pain. We are capable of handling even the most complicated cases related to the spine. We are experts in minimally invasion surgery, spine fusion, back pain management, and more advanced treatments.

4. Numbness, Tingling, or Weakness in Legs

numbness in hand

If you feel numbness, tingling and weakness in your legs along with back pain, you must consult spine specialist at Spine Center of Texas. Our skilled doctors will evaluate the cause behind numbness, tingling and weakness to give you the right treatment.

5. Problems With Bowels or Urination

Back pain signs

If you are suffering from poor bowel movements or urination, these might be the symptoms that are associated with your back pain. So, be sure to visit the spine specialist on time before the condition gets worse for back pain management and other spine treatments.

We have our offices in San Antonio, New Braunfels, and Seguin. We are always there to help our patients with the best spine treatment.

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