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Am I Harming My Back? - Spine Center of Texas
All About Work-Related Back Pain Spine Center of Texas
All About Work-Related Back Pain
How High Heels Bring Back Pain Spine Center of Texas
High Heels and Back Pain

As we age, one the most common injuries we’re going to face is chronic back problems, Our bodies naturally deteriorate as we grow older, making daily functions harder to perform. The things we do everyday can also increase our risk of developing back problems. Believe it or not, not only professional athletes suffer from wear and tear. Our causal activity adds up over time and cause us back pain:

Doing physical activities without proper stretching or training – Stretching and training before performing physical activities is crucial to help our bodies adapt to such activity. If you think its not a big deal to go for a run or play basketball, think again. You are only putting yourself at higher risk of pulling a muscle or causing injury.

Doing repetitive tasks – even the usual chores we do at home can cause back pain. Repetitive movements can build up the pain over the years. Even if you’re not into rough sports, you’re still setting yourself up for possible back injury by performing seemingly simple tasks such as cleaning the garage or bending over a workbench. Another way you can harm your back is by being absentminded and not paying attention to your posture or lifting techniques.

There are certain movements or positions that can cause impact on our bodies. Make sure to listen to your body especially if you feel like you don’t have enough strength to perform a specific task. Contact Spine Center of Texas now if you’re experiencing back pain. We can provide you accurate diagnosis as well as treatment options to get you started towards recovery.