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Back Pain-Causing Habits - Spine Center of Texas
Low Back Pain? Stop Doing These Things! Spine Center of Texas
Low Back Pain? Stop Doing These Things!
Should I Rest When I Have Back Pain? Spine Center of Texas
Should I Rest When I Have Back Pain?

Studies have shown that the daily habits that have become a part of our routines are often times fatal for our health and well-being. Some of these habits (e.g. slouching, bending, and lifting heavy objects) are actually what causes our backs to feel crippling pain. Here is a list of eight habits that you should avoid.

  • Sitting still – Sitting still in front of the computer is one habit that can cause a lot of back pain. While working on your computer, make a habit of taking breaks to move a little bit. You can also stretch your shoulders to relax your muscles.
  • Wrong shoe choice – Wearing the wrong shoes for too long also leads to back pain. Most women blame their back pain on heels, but in reality, the wrong pair of flats can do just as much damage.
  • Sneezing – It may sound absurd to think that sneezing leads to back pain, but it actually does. Try to keep your back in an upright position while you sneeze to minimize any harmful effects.
  • Ill-fitting bras – Bras that don’t provide the right kind or amount of support can do a lot of damage to your back. This is one way that you can develop a hunched back.
  • A bulging tummy – Even a little bit of bulge can lead to improper posture. If you don’t have a perfectly flat abdominal, you can expect your pelvis to get out of alignment and your posture to get out of shape.
  • Stress – You may have noticed that your back muscles start tensing up when you’re stressed out. Muscles are actually supposed to relax after they contract. When they are under stress, however, they contract so much that they cause pain in your back.
  • Your phone – People tend to slouch while using their phones. This leads to an improper posture which triggers back pain. Instead of putting your phone in a position where you have to look down, put it upward. Also, you should take breaks while using your phone.
  • Sleeping too much – Some people experience pain in their back after sleeping for too long. This happens because our body stays in the same position for too long.

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