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Have you tried standing for eight or nine hours straight? If you’ve stood for that long without experiencing back pain, congratulations! It means you have strong back muscles. If you experienced back pain and body fatigue, however, don’t despair.

Our back muscles are part of the core muscle group that has a primary role in holding our body erect, as well as assisting in bending and lifting. To achieve whole body health, back strengthening exercises is a must. People looking to strengthen their backs must also consider strengthening their core (back and abdominal muscles), because the whole area functions together.

Since the back muscles are part of the core muscle group, they hold the body erect in addition to lending help when bending and lifting. Back strengthening exercises are key to whole body health. One facet of back strength is that most back exercises work out the abdominal muscles at the same time. People must consider the whole thing if they want to build up a strong core, because they work together.

Here are some back strengthening exercises you can do at home, brought to you by Spine Center of Texas:

  • Stretching – You might have heard that stretching before exercising is important. This bit of information is true. Stretching wakes up your muscles and prevents injury. Try this one stretching exercise that works the muscles surrounding the spine:
    • Stand with your feet hip width apart.
    • Slowly bend from the hips with your hands touching the floor.
    • Lift your belly button toward your spine for a count of ten.
    • Relax ad repeat three times.
  • Exercise – Exercise serves as an important activity that lowers your chances of developing back pain. Try this one exercise routine that targets the back:
    • Get on your hands and knees, body bent at a 90 degree angle, and hold out your left arm as if pointing toward something.
    • Hold out your right leg as if pointing to something behind.
    • Pull the belly button in toward the spine. Hold for a count of ten.
    • Switch arms and legs and hold for a count of ten. Repeat this three time.

Contact the specialists at Spine Center of Texas to learn more back straightening tips.