Cervical Epidural Steroid Injections

Nerves in the neck can be pinched for a variety of reasons. Bulging discs, enlarging facet joint, and degeneratve changes can all lead to nerve impingement. When nerves are compressed they react with swelling and inflammation, only worsening the impingement. A vicious cycle of pain, swelling, inflammation, and further impingement can occur. Epidural steroid injections act to break that cycle by bathing the area of interest in steroid, an anti inflammatory medication. Patients will often require a series of injections to achieve full relief. Other modalities we employ include medications, physical therapy, and massage. Sometimes the impingement is too severe and surgical correction is required.


You will receive an IV for this procedure and mild sedation. It is important that you are still conscious for this procedure, as bumping of the nerve can occur and general anesthesia would mask this complication. We will gently talk you through the procedure and it is well tolerated. Patients should expect relief in the first three days, as it takes some time for the anti-inflammatory effect to take place.