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00:01 Alright, good morning, got a head into work. I just thought I’d real quickly discuss a topic, doctors and nutrition, so I spoke with a friend of mine who’s actually the husband of a patient, but he’s also become a good friend of mine and he, of course, I’m not gonna say his name obviously, but he’s local and he has issues with his liver. Pretty significant issues with his liver specifically one of the issues as fatty liver. He May, he may listen to this, he will completely agree. If you want to chime in feel free to, but I’m not going to say your name, but here’s the point. He went to the largest, most prestigious, liver institute in San Antonio and I’m not picking on anyone specifically because honestly, this is how it is across the board. But uh, when I spoke to him about his problem, he’s sort of hands in the air.

00:54 They weren’t really able to help him, I think as much as he had hoped or maybe the solution was too drastic, which was surgery. I said, well, you know, I said, tell me. Did they spend more than 10 seconds talking to you about nutrition and his answer literally was they didn’t mention nutrition at all and so again, if you think your medical doctor, and I’m not bagging on all medical doctors and I think it’s changing, I think more and more medical doctors are talking about nutrition and if you talk to me a decade ago, unfortunately I would have been one of them and nutrition would not have been something that I put much emphasis on. Nutrition is the most important thing that your doctor could share with you that your doctor can do for you. I can do shots on you. I can give you pills, I can send you to physical therapy.

01:43 I can do surgery on you and it still isn’t as important as nutrition. This patient had he been educated on nutrition early on because basically he doesn’t do drugs. He doesn’t have hepatitis. He, you know, he doesn’t. He’s not an alcoholic. He simply had a fatty liver from being overweight and eating too much sugar. That’s it. That could cause a fatty liver. I know because when I was excessively overweight, I had a fatty liver. That was one of the reasons that I got real serious about my health is because I had a friend of mine is radiologists do an ultrasound and he said, yeah, you’re liver looks good, it’s a little fatty, Fatty liver. That’s a bad thing. So over 10 years ago. So the point is that if you think your doctor is looking out for you, if you think your government’s looking out for you, you’re wrong.

02:31 Only person that can look out for you is you. You have to educate yourself. You have to take an interest in your own health. You know, I used to think when I was younger or you know, the argument would be well golly, how can, Mcdonald’s and Wendy’s and all this, you know, fruit loops and snickers and Coca Cola is how could that be bad? The government, certainly the government wouldn’t allow these companies to sell products that could hurt me on the government’s looking out for me. No, the government’s not looking out for your politicians are getting bribes in the form of donations. Basically. Lobbyists, through lobbyists, and so they’re going to do what the lobbyists asked them to do, you know, and that’s, you know, I don’t want to get into politics and I really told myself I won’t, but I will say this, is that there’s really no real difference between either party Republicans or Democrats.

03:21 The only difference is which corporations are hiring which lobbyists to pay off that particular party at that particular time because even that changes from decade to decade. So they’re not interested in your health there. They’re interested in your health. If it gives them more lobbyist money, then they’ll be real interested. They’re interested in your health if it gets them reelected. But if getting them reluctant, it has more to do with satisfying Monsanto or coca cola or whoever. And again, I’m not, there all bad. I’m not picking on any one company. Uh, but uh, they will not take an interest in your health. Only you can take an interest in your health. And so, you know what I say is, is educate yourself. You know, I never do anything unless I really believe in it. And I don’t believe in it until I educate myself until I really, you know, get on the Internet and the Internet’s a beautiful thing.

04:08 The Internet wasn’t around 40 years ago, 40 years ago, or whenever it was, we said, oh, everything needs to be low fat. Well guess what? When we made everything low fat, when everything high sugar, and now our obesity problem is literally worse by far than it was then. In fact, two thirds of children are projected. And you’ve heard me say this, I’ll say it again, two thirds of children are productive, projected to be morbidly obese by the year 2020. And when that happens, we could, 100 percent of our GDP could go towards towards a healthcare and our country’s still wouldn’t be able to afford it because if kids start getting diabetes at the age of 13, we will never be able to. But we’ll have. The people will have such horrible medical problems their entire life that all the money in the world isn’t going to be able to or all the states are going to be able to pay for it.

04:58 So the only way, the only way, and I hear it, I didn’t mean to get on my soapbox and get political, but it just really irritates me that the obvious things aren’t being told to patients. The only way we’re gonna solve our healthcare crisis in this country is that people take personal responsibility. They have to take personal responsibility. They’ve got to start eating right. They’ve got to start exercising and you know it’s not all the doctors fault. In fact, it’s not even half the doctors fault. The doctors are working within a system where they are not paid for you to be healthy. They are not paid to educate you on nutrition. They simply are not. They are actually disincentivized to talk to you about nutrition. We get paid more money to give you drugs to give you procedures and to order tests and we get paid so little money to educate you on nutrition.

05:46 We would literally go out of business if we did it too much and that’s the sad part is that the insurance companies and specifically Medicare have chosen to pay us in a way that that is not good for us financially and it’s not good for your health and it’s really, really sad. So anyway, just to hear this person this friend of mine again, discuss with me how his doctor didn’t even discuss nutrition withhim for 10 seconds or at all, not even one second when nutrition could have saved his liver and now it’s questionable whether it can be or not. I don’t know. I asked him to get his records together and I’m going to have Robbie Mitchell take a look. But unfortunately from what he’s told me, I’m not sure. Certainly nutrition can help and it’s going to. And I told him, even if it doesn’t help, it’s gonna help the rest of your body.

06:37 It’s gonna help your heart and it’s gonna help everything else. But um, it’s just sad. It’s sad to me that physicians don’t take more of an interest in nutrition. I see so many physicians that are unhealthy. I mean way too many. I’m sure I’m not making any friends with my fellow physicians here in this area, but I’m sorry, the truth is the truth. And um, and that’s, that’s me. So I’m just going to tell the truth. If I think I’m bagging on the government and I’m bagging on corporations and I’m bagging on physicians, then you have every right to feel that way and you know, and I guess in some sense I am. What I’m trying to do is make sure that people understand and no one’s going to help you. You gotta help yourself guys. And I got a couple of people make a comment here and let’s see.

07:27 I guess I’m preaching your message, it’s Cheryl. Anyway. Yeah. I will keep telling the truth because that’s what I do. Uh, you know, any of you who saw me in the truth about cancer withTy Bollinger. No. You know how I feel about these things and you know, don’t get me wrong guys. There is a very, you know, we had the best potentially at the best medical care in this country. If it were delivered properly, we certainly had the best research. We have the best drugs, we have. All of the procedures and drugs and everything are developed in this country are developed for the rest of the world. The problem is what we have guys is, is we have. We don’t have healthcare. We have sick care. Okay? There’s no money in health and there’s no money in death. The money is in chronic illness. Okay, and the problem is what we want you to do is once you get fat and sick and stay on pharmaceutical medications for the rest of your life, because the only thing that matters in this country is that each quarter is better than the next in terms of corporate profits and they want to make sure they sell just a little bit more of their drugs, a little bit more of their blood pressure medication, a little bit more of their diabetes medication, a little bit more of their cholesterol medication each quarter.

08:39 Because if you don’t have quarterly growth, their stock doesn’t go up and if your stock doesn’t go up and your shareholders are pissed and you know your company doesn’t do well. So all that really matters is we just keep selling more and more. That’s what’s destroying the planet in my opinion to some degree as well. But uh, you know, for me, the real intelligent use of these extremely useful drugs because we have lots of them. Obviously. If I had an. If I had an infection and I was dying and I had a flesh eating bacteria or whatever, I had some sort of serious infection. Of course I’m going to take antibiotics. I’m a doctor, my God, I went to medical school, but the point is that if you’re overweight or you’re diabetic or you have coronary artery disease, yeah, sure. Take some medications. It should be short term.

09:24 It’s like taking an aspirin for a headache. You know? These medications are meant to be taken, taken short term while you take the necessary steps to heal yourself and get off the medications, not take them forever. Okay. Here’s a good example is ambient. What a drug. It helps a lot of people sleep. Guess what? Read the package insert. It’s supposed to be taken for no more than 10 days straight. It’s right there in the package insert. I see people every day, their primary care doctor, and again, I’m not. I, I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m bragging on primary care doctors, the way the system is. Their primary care doctors had a monitor for three years or whoever someone has. I don’t know who it is. Maybe it’s some other doctor, I shouldn’t say their doctor, not their primary care doctor, some doctor in a lot of times it’s primary care doctor because more of those than everything else has had them on it for not a lot, 11 days, 12 days, a thousand days, literally some more than a thousand days and so even the drug, company would never tell the doctor to do that.

10:20 Now when the doctors doing it, they certainly aren’t stepping in and stopping them obviously, but the point is these drugs are misused and so people aren’t intended to be on these medications for these extended periods of time. Anyway, I just figured I would do a facebook live and rant on my way to work. No. Yeah. I’m a spine surgeon. Just remind you, I’m a spine surgeon talking about nuns buying things about general health things. So, uh, we’re here in New Braunfels and Seguin. We operate in San Antonio. If you have back pain or neck pain or have a complicated spine issue, maybe a previous surgery that hasn’t worked out, we’re happy to see you. If you want to message me on Facebook Messenger, which I’ve gotten a few of those, I have to be cautious about giving medical advice, but I certainly can point you in the right direction or have you asked you to come in if you’re local or tell you to go see your doctor if you’re not local and uh, and take a look at, but I’ll, you know, I’ll go as far as I can.

11:17 Unfortunately I have to be a little bit careful. You know, it’s impossible for me to really know what’s wrong with someone through a facebook live message. And that’s the issue. If I start giving you specific medical advice without examining you as the big issue without looking at your films, without going through your studies and in your information, it’s like a car mechanic trying to tell you what’s wrong with your car, over the phone. Anyone who does that you should be weary of because, you know, how would they know they haven’t even taken a look at your car. So anyway, I’m just warning, you know, it really frustrated me because this friend of mine is such a great guy, such a talented guy. Um, he has a amazing business which is sort of art in business mixed together and it just breaks my heart that he’s gone through his life and, and, and, and it’s the doctors and the people around them, whoever his caregivers have failed to provide him with the, most critical piece of information.

12:12 You know, we don’t allow our car, what we do in medicine. We say, Oh, don’t change the oil. We don’t tell people change the oil. Lubricate the chassis, put air in the tires. No, we say just let the engine blow up and we’ll give you a new one. That’s literally what we do in medicine. Okay. Well you need to do is change the oil and put it the air in the tires and take care of the car. Do maintenance. We are more worried about the maintenance. In fact, most people are more concerned about maintenance on their vehicles and their own body and nutrition, exercise, sleep, hydration, stretching. If you have back pain. And even if you don’t, it’s all maintenance. It’s maintenance on the car. We don’t throw the engine away, we don’t throw the car away. You can’t get a new one unfortunately, when you’re a human being, you can’t, you know what you can.

12:52 I guess you can get a new liver, a new heart or new lungs. But that’s pretty extreme. Certainly not the route I would want to take. So anyway, take care of yourselves. Educate yourself. So we’re going to be talking about this. I’m going to have A. I spoke to a doctor recently and I, I’ll keep it a surprise. I could do with a, with Ravi, but he’s nationally known and he’s an amazing speaker and he has a garden in his backyard. He lives in California. Maybe some of be able to guess is if you are the truth about cancer. But I spoke with him on the phone the other day and he has agreed to do a facebook live with me even though I have a small audience, but who cares? As long as you know, people can come back and watch these. And if I helped three people, if I help one person unhappy, you know, we’re gonna have, we’re gonna have Vicki spradling on here.

13:40 Vicky spradling is a, a patient of mine who, and she hopefully she won’t mind me telling this story because she tells a story constantly. Um, she came and saw me in 2010 and I was actually still kind of new to all this myself, but I’d read the China study and you know, I hadn’t read it’s the first book I think I read the, kind of, turned me onto this whole thought process of how food can really help or harm you. And she has taken to the next level. She’s an amazing person, amazing woman. And she has a, a talk that she gives the a class, if you will, every the last Thursday of every month. I don’t know. Anyway, it’s the last Thursday of every month I think at the first United Methodist Church in Seguin, she lost 100 pounds, changed her life and she’s changed the lives of so many people at this conference that she gives once a month.

14:31 And she’s been doing it for a long time now. They serve whole and she’s big on the whole food, plant based Diet. They serve a whole food and they do the whole food, plant based Diet. And the best thing about it is the food because the biggest thing that the patients, uh, have a hard time with is knowing is if I go to a whole food based diet. I’m not saying everybody has to do that, but it certainly can help. A lot of people would have helped my friend with a liver problem. Hopefully plant based diet is, you know, am I going to eat styrofoam? Is the Food gonna be Nasty? What do you mean? Give up hamburgers and steaks and Turkey and you know, all this meat and eggs and all this stuff. And I like to eat and I haven’t given it up.

15:10 I’ll tell you the truth, I haven’t, but I’ve minimized it and I tried to maximize, you know, whole foods. And uh, anyway, she does it every Thursday. I’m going to have her on and we’re going to have, I think what we’re planning on doing, what I’d like to do is have her and some of her best cooks, if you will, to come to her conference that she gives every month. Come to my house, bring their best dish, and then we’re going to cook something live on Facebook, cook a dish, and then the second part of that is we’re going to. I’m almost to my office, so I’ll just basically do the drive to the office here. We’re going to go to the grocery store and show people how to shop to eat healthier specifically in this case, for a whole food plant based diet, because that’s the other thing.

15:50 I talked to patients about this all the time and they did, what do I buy? What store do I go to? Do I go to Heb? Who do I have to go to a special store. So we’re going to actually go shopping in a regular old grocery store and show people how simple it is to grab the foods that they need. How to prepare the foods that they need. Doesn’t take much time at all and it’s absolutely delicious. It’s better than meat. It’s better than eating out and you know, where the food came from, you know that it’s not covered with pesticides and you know, that it’s not packed with extra sugar or extra fat or extra whatever, you know, where the food came from. And I’m not saying never eat out at a restaurant again. That’s not what I’m saying. Um, but I don’t do it very much and quite frankly it’s because I like to know where the heck my food came from and I like to, I enjoy making it myself.

16:35 So, and then of course take it to the next level and start a garden and start growing your own food. So that’s what we’re going to talk about guys. That’s the, that’s going to be the thrust is nutrition. Obviously I’m going to be happy to talk about spine problems and how to treat spine problems as well. And we’ll get into some of that. Will have some detailed facebook lives on those things as well. But I’m telling you, you don’t need screws in your back most of the time. What you need is nutrition. All right guys. I gotta go to work. Let’s see. All right, well that was my rant. Sorry. Sorry for the rant and we’ll be seeing you guys soon on a facebook live with some very useful. I promise you that the information I bring you will be useful information that will change your life for real, not just run up a big expensive health care bill.