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Easy Back Pain Remedies You Haven’t Tried Yet

A lot of people suffering from lower back pain find relief with a multifaceted approach rather than just choosing one treatment option. Spine Center of Texas wants you to know about some overlooked and underemphasized remedies that may help you keep your back pain at bay:

  • Endorphin release – Endorphin is a type of a natural hormone made by our bodies. Not many people are aware that this hormone can be just as strong as an over-the-counter medication. When released, endorphins block pain signals from reaching your brain and help alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression, which can make the pain worse for some people. Aerobic exercise, therapy, and meditation are just samples of feel-good activities that release the body’s endorphins.
  • Restorative sleep – Sleep disorders are usually rooted in some type of chronic pain. What’s more, not having enough sleep can actually make the pain worse. This is the reason why it’s important to address your sleep problem and your chronic pain at the same time.
  • Core exercise – Abs and back muscles support your lower spine. Pain occurs when these muscles are not strengthened. It’s a great idea to include at least 30 minutes of exercise as part of your daily routine.
  • Cold/Hot compress – Applying cold/hot packs may help reduce pain and promote the healing process. Cold packs can reduce inflammation and serve as an anesthetic in slowing down nerve impulses. Heat therapy, on the other hand, stimulates the blood flow and brings healing nutrients to the affected area. It also slows down pain messages that are being sent to the brain.
  • Hamstring stretches – Tight hamstrings (located in the back of your thighs)are one of the most overlooked sources of lower back pain. Gently stretching the hamstrings can relax the lower back and sacroiliac joints and prevent lower back pain.

These are just some of the treatment options that can help you deal with back pain. Don’t hesitate to contact Spine Center of Texas to find out more about back pain treatment options and determine which approach will be the most effective for you.