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Upper back pain is slowly becoming a major issue in the US. While lower back pain is common, there are actually a large number of people suffering from upper back pain. People with upper back pain often suffer in silence and have no idea how to eliminate the pain they’re dealing with on a daily basis. Some have tried a lot of different methods, such as taking painkillers, but to no avail.

Upper back pain can really get in the way of a person’s daily activities, but Spine Center of Texas knows some practical tips on how you can manage, reduce, and even eliminate this debilitating pain.

The connection between low back pain and upper back

The upper and lower back work together. If your’e suffering from upper back pain, you are likely experiencing lower back issues as well. In fact, lower back pain might even be the caues of your upper back pain. It’s important to address the cause of low back pain in order to reduce and eliminate upper back pain. Here are just some things you can do:

  • Stretch – Stretching can help in loosen your abdominal muscles and address both lower back and upper back issues. Doing a full spine stretch can do wonders for your upper back.
  • Maintain proper posture – Poor posture is one of the primary reasons why people experience upper back pain. A lot of people nowadays don’t make the effort to sit or stand properly and would end up hunching their backs. This position leads to serious pain and other problems if not addressed properly. Correcting posture may seem awkward at first, but putting in the effort to sit and stand properly can do wonders for your back.
  • Exercise regularly – Following an exercising schedule can eliminate back pain. This holds true even if you’re already in pain. There are forms of exercise that can help you strengthen your body and ultimately lead to less back pain.

Some simple lifestyle changes can help eliminate your painful upper back issues. Don’t hesitate to contact Spine Center of Texas if you’re suffering from back pain and want to learn more effective options to deal with it.