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How to Tell if You Need Back Surgery - Spine Center of Texas
Is It Time For Back Surgery? Spine Center of Texas
Is it Time for Back Surgery?
Choosing Your Spine Surgeon Spine Center of Texas
Choosing Your Spine Surgeon

When it comes to back pain, most spine surgeons believe that surgery should be the last option. Whether or not you undergo surgery will depend on your diagnosis and how fast your back problem progresses.

Advancements in surgical techniques enabled spine specialists to reduce or eliminate back pain due to progressive degenerative conditions, such as scoliosis (when the spine bends sideways), kyphosis (when the spine bends forward), and spondylolysthesis (when the spine vertebra slips forward another vertebrae). Back surgery is also effective in relieving nerve compression due to herniated/ruptured discs, bulges, and bone sure.

However, the majority of back pain is not caused by these conditions. Therefore, most people find conservative and non-surgical treatment the best course of action. Conservative therapy such as physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, exercise programs, and medications are generally considered as the first step, even for cases where surgery can help. A patient can halt or slow down the progression of a degenerative condition with the right combination of conservative therapies.

There are cases wherein back pain continues to worsen despite conservative efforts. People who usually turn to surgery are the ones who have tried everything, but still feel symptoms of nerve compression. At this stage, it is important to relive any pressure that’s on the damaged nerve to prevent further neurological loss. The good news is that many patients in these painful situations respond very well to surgery and are able to see improvements after undergoing soon after undergoing surgery.

If you’re fed up with your back pain or you’re starting to notice nerve compression symptoms such as shooting pain or leg weakness and numbness, visit Spine Center of Texas. You don’t have to live through the pain. Get back the life you deserve and say goodbye to back pain!