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Spine Injuries In Football

Lower Back Injuries In Sports

Lower back injuries are as a result of sports movements that can place the low back in a variety of compromised positions. Sports like golf and hitting in baseball present a perfect case in point. Each relies heavily on generating a rotational force. Sports such as weight lifting place heavy loads on the lumbar spine. Additionally, those that require repetitive impact like running can result in minor insults to significant injuries. Gymnastics and figure skating also place an enormous amount of strain on the lumbar (low back) area from the twisting and turning movements involved.

The low back is made up of an intricate network of muscles, ligaments, nerves, and bones. They all work in sync to provide strength, stability, and movement. As a result, there is no individual mechanism responsible for low back injuries.

Some of the most common sports-related low back injuries

  • Muscle strains from poor body mechanics, overuse, inadequate conditioning, lack of flexibility, or direct impact. Ligament strains also fall into this category.
  • Spondylosis is a bone flaw in vertebrae. Often, it occurs in athletes who participate in sports that require greater degrees of hyperextension or twisting.
  • Spondylolisthesis comprises a vertebra slipping forward on the one below it. It is more common in sports with twisting and hyperextension components.
  • Lumbar disc herniation can result from activities with high impact forces on the lower part of the spine. These conditions tend to be less common in younger athletes.

The overall goal of treatment of low back injuries in athletes is to restore full function. Additionally, treatment ensures a safe return to activity with proper rehabilitation. Many conditions will heal completely with the right combination of rest, therapeutic exercise, and activity modification. Certain soft tissue or spinal mobilization techniques and heat and cold modalities are as well effective treatment options.

In rare instances, an injury may require surgery when it does not respond to a period of noninvasive treatment.

If you have sustained a sports-related low back injury and would like to learn about the treatment options we provide, please contact our Seguin or New Braunfels offices.