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Herniated Discs: Understanding The Symptoms and Causes

A lot of patients over 50 have come out of their orthopedist’s office with the knowledge that the weakness or numbness or pain that they’ve been […]

Is It Time To Consult a Spine Surgeon?

If you have been thinking about visiting a doctor to take care of that constant back pain, then you are not alone. Many people today have […]

An Overview of Whiplash and Treatment Options

Whiplash is a common condition that occurs in the neck because of a sudden forward or backward movement of the head. It most often results from […]

Back Pain Surgery: Do I Really Need It?

Patients and their families are you usually left with more questions than answers when considering back pain surgery. Treatment choices for back pain will depend on […]

Massage Therapy for Back Pain Relief

Many people consider massage therapy as one of the best non-invasive and low-risk treatment for back pain. Aside from its physical benefits, some types of massages […]