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Back pain can surely take a toll on anyone experiencing it. While back surgery may be needed for some serious cases, spine specialists at Spine Center of Texas recommend surgery as the last possible treatment option. There are other treatments, such as medication and physical therapy, which a patient can explore to help manage back pain.

Many studies show that physical therapy should be considered first, because it can be as effective as surgery. In fact, the only patients who need surgery are the ones who have developed neurological issues, like progressing balance problems (that didn’t stem from other disorders such as diabetes), weakness, or neurogenic bowel and bladder incontinence. Choosing physical therapy is also a safer, not to mention cheaper, option.

Patients who suffer from back pain, can go to a rehabilitation physician for help. Rehab physicians are medical doctors who have completed training in the medical specialty of physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R). Their primary job is to treat any disability resulting from disease or injury, from sore shoulders to spinal cord injuries. They focus on building a comprehensive program that can help assist a patient and allow him to return to his normal activities without having to undergo surgery.

As with any other treatment options, the risks and benefits of physical therapy should be discussed with all patients. The problem is, there are doctors who immediately recommend surgery as a first intervention to patients who only have minimal symptoms. These patients could end up paralyzed if they undergo surgery without researching treatment alternatives.

If you are experiencing back pain, Spine Center of Texas is ready to help you. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation. We will discuss our suggestions that may include basics, such as physical therapy (PT) and medications. We will take about surgery only if your symptoms do not improve after these traditional approaches.