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Should I Exercise While Having Back Pain? - Spine Center of Texas
Caring For Your Back While At Work Spine Center of Texas
Caring for Your Back While At Work
How This Simple Household Chore Is Causing You Back Pain Spine Center of Texas
How This Simple Household Chore is Causing You Back Pain

Even athletes experience back pain at some point in their lives. It can manifest as an ache on the hip, shooting pain from the legs and butt, or soreness in the low and mid-back area. Back pain can prevent a person from reaching his or her fitness goals.

If you’re physically active but suffering from back pain, here are some possible reasons why:

  • Incorrect lifting where you bend from the back rather than from the knees
  • Doing high impact movement without warming up
  • Over-utilizing exercise routines that bend and extend the low back (i.e. crunches)
  • Improper seat height

The good news is, you can still exercise even if you are suffering from back pain. Some studies have even showed that exercise can help manage back pain. However, it is still best to consult a back specialist before doing any strenuous exercise. You can try following these low-impact exercises if your pain is manageable and you can still stand, walk, and lift light objects:

  • Aqua jogging – This is a low-impact cardio that has no weight bearing. The water can even help relieve pain. Try doing five-minute intervals followed by easy water jogging.
  • Swimming – Simply adjust your stroke so you won’t aggravate your injured low back muscles. Generally, backstroke and breaststrokes are light movements that are safe even for people with low-back injuries.
  • Water aerobics – This exercise is similar to aqua jogging, which involves marching, hopping, and skipping in waist deep water.

The professionals at Spine Center of Texas tells everyone to follow your doctor’s advice before undergoing any type of physical activities when experiencing back pain. Don’t hesitate to visit us ff your back pain continues or does not improve.