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Back Pain-Causing Habits
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Anxiety and Back Pain

Everyone at some point in their lives suffers through back pain. Quite a lot of people think that if they rest, they’ll get better pretty soon. This advice is given to patients by their doctors, so we can see why so many people believe that their tissues will recover faster if they take time off from the daily routines.

However, some studies have shown that resting is not as beneficial as people may think it is. In fact, some doctors claim that instead of expediting your recovery, bed rest sometimes delays it. It’s important to stay as active during the healing process as possible, because it helps in recovery if tissues are gently used. All cases of back pain usually heal within a span of a week or a month.

Treating the pain

Many doctors suggest their patients to start the process of recovery by taking paracetamol in addition to staying active. However, when researchers wanted to see the scientific evidence of paracetamol actually healing back pain, there wasn’t any.

After a study, doctors reached to the conclusion that paracetamol doesn’t work any better than a placebo. Some doctors say that instead of taking the pill only when you feel the pain, you should take it regularly to relieve the pain permanently.

But, unfortunately, there’s no evidence that shows the above statement to be true.

So what is a person with back pain supposed to do?

The answer of that is he should focus on resuming his everyday activities. The most important part of expediting the healing process is to not put yourself into bed for too long by making the excuse that it is necessary to heal your tissues.

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