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Symptoms and Diagnosis of Lumbar Herniated Disc

Pain in the lower back is a sign of a lumbar herniated disc. There are other symptoms that are associated with the spine problem.

There is no telling when a lowerback pain will happen.And, when it does the culprit might just be a disc that has ruptured. However, having a lower back pain does not necessarily mean that the problem is caused by a slipped or herniated disc, according to an article on

Symptoms of a Lumbar Herniated Disc

According to the article, a herniated disc may not even cause lower back pain at all. The symptoms of a herniated disc occur when there is pressure on the nerves and when the nerves are irritated.Many people whose disc ruptures experience  lowerbackpain due to other problems in the back.

Usually, a person that has a herniated disc can have symptoms like pain that extends to one or both legs. Another symptom is the feeling of numbness or tinglingin areas in one or both legs.Other symptomsare weakness of muscles and loss of reflexes in one or both legs.

The location of the symptoms of a herniated disc tells which nerve or nerves are affected. So, the location of the symptoms is helpful in determining the diagnosis.


When diagnosing a herniated nucleus pulposes, it is important for a doctor to first know the complete history of the problem.A patient having a complete physical examination is thenext step in the diagnosis.

The information that a doctor needs frombeing diagnosed can include the following:

  • Occurrence of injury
  • Location of the pain
  • Occurrence and location of numbness
  • Occurrence and location of weakness
  • Number of times the problemor related problem(s) has occurred
  • Recent experience of weight loss, fevers or illnesses

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