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The Benefits of Kyphoplasty

For a person to be able to stand upright and to protect the spinal cord, he or she has a spinal column with 33 bones. Each bony segment of the spinal column is called a vertebra. When a vertebra cracks or collapses, a condition which is called spinal fracture, it causes pain and other problems. The extent of the vertebral damage can be as small as a hairline fracture or as severe as a complete collapse of the vertebral body.

A vertebra that is damaged enough will cause the spine to misalign, which will disrupt weight distribution along the column and lead to another fracture.

How Balloon Kyphoplasty Can Help

The minimally invasive procedure allows the repair of spinal fractures. While the balloon kyphoplasty procedure can be done on an outpatient basis, it takes approximately one hour to provide treatment for a single fracture. The procedure also alleviates or eliminates back pain as a result of a spinal fracture. Aside from that, the procedure can put the vertebral body back in its normal height and restore the spine’s proper alignment. Spinal fractures, when detected early, can be remedied so they won’t progress into more serious medical conditions.

Other Benefits of Getting Kyphoplasty as a Treatment

When bone fractures have been treated, a patient will experience improvement in mobility and be able to go back to performing daily activities with ease. Kyphoplasty can improve the quality of life. Kyphoplasty has a very low complication rate, but just like any procedure, there are risks involved. The procedure can cause serious complications and it is not meant for everyone. It is logical to discuss options with your doctor when suffering from a spinal fracture to determine the best course of action.